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Hometown Lawn ServiceA Weed Control and Fertilizing Company

Core Aeration


Hometown Lawn Service  offers core aerations for your lawn care needs.  Core aerations are a wonderul all natural way to thicken the lawn as well as loosen soil allow for better water and gas uptake. This is a proven and effective way to enhance your lawn 

Core aerations are fantastic way to help your lawn.  By opening holes in the lawn it has the same effect as howing in your garden, it allows good water uptake, better air transfer and loosens the soil.  Also by adding soil from the pulled cores you can concider it to be, on a  smaller scale, top dressing the lawn.  This core aeration also adds new microbes  to top soil to help break down some thatch. One of the best things about this operation is when exposing the root systems to light the roots will generate fresh new plants,  its like reseeding your lawn every year.  As you can see there are many positive things that core aerations do for your lawn and all done by a machine called the core aerator.



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