Hometown Lawn Service A Weed Control and Fertilizing Co.
Hometown Lawn ServiceA Weed Control and Fertilizing Co.

Commercial and Residental

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Fertilizer Program

Our lawn care service company offers a full fertilization program best suited for you and your lawn/ landscape care needs.  This lawn care program begins with an investigation into what your specific lawn care needs are.  Being a local Northern Michigan lawn care company we are best suited to understand what fertilizers your lawn needs for northern Michigan climates and soils.  



Weed Control

Weeds are a nusiance that must be handled every year.  Hometown lawn service offers a liquid weed control service program best suited to specific weeds attacking your landscape and lawn.  All weeds are not created equal. Here at Hometown Lawn Service a local Northern Michigan lawn care company we are able to adjust specificly to your lawn care needs. Give us a call.



Mole Control

Hometown lawn service provides mole control for your lawn.  No chemicals are used in our control.  We have never found a mole that could get the better of Hometown lawn service. Mole control is more an art than a science. Moles are active NOW! Contact us today to get started controlling your mole problem.  Spring is a great time to get control of these pests.



Mowing Service

Hometown lawn service is a local northern Michigan company that provides Mowing servcie for your lawn.  In the Traverse City Area Contact us today.



Grub Control

Hometown lawn service your local lawn care company provides grub control to all of Northern Michigan. Grubs are and continue to be a devastating lawn problem and the problem is getting worse is northern Michigan.  Hometown lawn service provides a gaurranteed grub prevention program for your lawn and landscape. 

Tree and Shrub Services

Hometown lawn service provides an indepth horticulture services.  Trees and shrubs are often the neglected part of your landscape.  Let Hometown lawn service get your landscape to its peak beauty.  Being a local company we understand the pest and disease problems of your landscape. 


Surface Insects

Hometown Lawn Service provides lawn inspections throughout the season to determine insect activity.  Lawn destroying suface insects can devastate your beautiful lawn.  Hometown lawn service is local so we know what insects pose problems and when to control these situations.



Lime Application

Hometown lawn service provides lime for your lawn.  Lime has been an application long established to help improve your lawn.  Gardeners and farmers have all used this method to get the best out of the plants.



Fungicide Application

Hometown lawn service is  able to diagnose and help to prevent lawn disease.  Lawn diseases continue to pose a threat to your lawn and landscape.  Let us help treat and recommend ways to control this on going problem.



Vegetation Control

Hometown lawn service controls unwanted vegetation. Nuisance vegetation like poison ivy can become a  real concern for those that are allergic .  Here at Hometown lawn service we have a proven control record.  Being local,  we understand the concerns please let us help you control these aggressive plants.

All fertilizing and weed control services call 231-633-5418


For Lawn Mowing services please contact 231-492-7330




Here at Hometown Lawn service we understand the needs of the lawn care balanced with the environment.  That is why we don't use any Phosphorus in our lawn care service programs unless of course your lawn needs phosphorus from a soil analisis. 




Lawn care servicing all of Northern Michigan, Grand Traverse county, Leelanau county, Kalkaska county, Benzie county. Including surrounding areas of Traverse city, Kalkaska, Bellaire, Frankfort, Elk Rapids, and Lelanau County.


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