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Mole Control

Mole Control Happy mole

Hometown Lawn Service offers mole control for your lawn care needs.  Moles in northern Michigan are a huge concern for the lawns.  They can cause unsightly trails and mounds.  Here at Hometown lawn service we will evaluate and recommend a plan to control this mole pest. We will closley moniter and continully attack this mole problem.  

Mole Control Typical mole under ground lair

Moles are active mostly in the spring and the fall.  They are a solitary animal that usually only come together for mating season in the spring.  Generally one mole causes the damage. 



 Our mole control program will be persistent until the mole is caught.  This has been our policy and we have been very successful in controling this pest. You can count on us.  The great thing about trapping is the customer knows the mole problem is gone.




 We will be  happy to set up an inspection of your specific needs. The inspetion is free. Call us at 231-421-1078 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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