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Our proven Integrated Pest Management or IPM is the map to success for your landscape.  By keeping pests and disease to a minnimum your trees and shrubs/landscape will continue to looks its best, flourish and enhance your home or business. Pest management Keeps the landscape healthy an insect damage to a minimum.

In addition to your landscape IPM managemaent, Hometown Lawn Service takes care of infestations that happen from time to time in Northern Michigan.  Everyone hates weeping trees on our cars.  Tent worms, gypsy moth larva, and aphids that cause honey dew on your vehicles. These are  some examples of these infestations that plague landscapes. Here at Hometown lawn sevice we get to the heart of these problems.


We also offer a liquid deep root fertilizer that goes down deep to the needed source of food for your trees and shrubs. This keeps everything healthy and looking its best.


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Horticulture Services Tent Worms

Tent worms and Gypsy moth larva have long been a problem in Northern Michigan.  Here at Hometown lawn service we have a proven track record of control.  Give us a call to get rid of these unsightly and menacing pests.

Horticulture Services Gypsy Moth Catapillars

Aphids are very small but cause a lot of damage to your landscape.  The best sign that you have an infestation is that your car has sticky rainlike drops on the windsheild.  This is "honey dew" caused by aphids.  We can help give us a call to control this pest.

Horticulture Services Aphids and honey dew

It's a great time to spray for insects. Give us a call and we will be out to get your landscape looking its best.


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Here at HomeTown Lawn Service we believe you deserve nothing short of the best lawn care service. We are dedicated to serving the property-related needs of homeowners and businesses in our community at large in All of northwest Michigan.

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