Hometown Lawn Service A Weed Control and Fertilizing Co.
Hometown Lawn ServiceA Weed Control and Fertilizing Co.

Weed Control

Weed Control Dandelion

Hometown Lawn Service is a premier local lawn care service company serving homeowners and commercial properties in Traverse city, and surrounding counties.  Our liquid spray weed control is customized to your specific lawn care needs. Our top-rated spray weed control service gives your property hassle-free lawn care service from start to finish. 

Hometown lawn service continues to be at the cutting edge of lawn care spray weed control.  We design our application specific to your weed control needs.  Northern Michigan lawn care can be unique, we have the expertise to be problem solvers for your lawn care needs.  Place the burden of your lawn/landscape care needs in the hands of  our proven effective methods.


We will be  happy to put together a service tailored exclusively to your specific needs. Call us at 231 421-1078 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Weed Control Clover field

Weeds continue to be a problem for lawns.  Here at Hometown lawn service we evaluate your lawn for weed problems and the potential for problems.  Perennial weeds, meaning the same plant comes back every year, such as clover and dandelions will continue to be in your lawn unless controled with our liguid spray.  Annual weeds, meaning the weeds die off after summer, such as crab grass continue to reseed themselves year after year.  This problem will only get worse. We control Crab grass with our early spring pre-emergent granular application before the crab grass weed seed germinates.



Contact us soon to get control of your weed concerns.  231 421 1078

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Here at HomeTown Lawn Service we believe you deserve nothing short of the best lawn care service. We are dedicated to serving the property-related needs of homeowners and businesses in our community at large in All of northwest Michigan.

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